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Fallen Not Broken

Fallen But Not Broken
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Welcome to Fallen Not Broken, icon journal for erikssiren! Have a look around, see if you find anything you like. Make sure you read some of the guidelines/rules I have here first before starting on your way.

This is very important. If you like my icon(s) enough to want to use them, please save them to your own computer and upload them to your own server i.e. Photobucket. What is hotlinking? I've found an excellent explanation here by thereal_anabel at her icon journal anabel_icons

I like comments, they let me know who likes what and why or why not. Also, a little flattery goes a long way ;)

In general, I tend to make textless icons over icons with words on them. These, however, aren't for you to use as bases to make your own icons. Do not alter them in any way shape or form, please. If you love an icon and have some text you'd like to go on it, go to my request post (see link below) and ask for it, or simply ask in a comment to the entry. I will be happy to make the icon for you!

An absolute must. I love that you want to use my icon(s) in your userpics, but we must give one credit where it's due, yes? If you don't know how to credit, here's how I do it:

 photo credit.png

Also, if you use your icons on another site (i.e. Tumblr) please credit me in your profile/signature.

Yes, I do take them. If you've seen an icon of your favorite fandom or your favorite character and would like one made especially for you, go to the link below and ask me, or if you simply want text on a blank icon, ask in the post that has that icon. I might not respond the same day, but I will get your request filled.

Not really a rule, but like I said before, have fun!

I've participate in many icon contests throughout the years, so if you'd like to see the banners from those, they are in a sticky post at the top of my journal.

Prompts: At the moment I am taking prompts, which are essentially requests. See the link below to find out what movies/shows I have access to caps from and leave a comment on the prompt post I've made. It should be at/near the top of the journal

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